Do you want to improve the following:  de

  • unfold with your full potential?
  • sit comfortably for a long time on your computer?
  • Relieve back pain, stiff neck or tension in the shoulder girdle?

If you answer yes to these questions, the FM Alexander Technique will be of great use to you.

Do you want to learn the following?

Three simple tools will help you to carry out movements in everyday life easily and painlessly:

  • Consciousness: the conscious observation of your spine during your activities
  • Control: when recognizing negative and painful movement patterns to adjust them immediately
  • The encouragement to optimally visualize movement habits:
    • Let the neck his freedom
    • Allowing the head to balance at the end of the spine
    • Make your back longer and wider

From the beginning it is important to use these learned tools as often as possible. The most important thing is the development of the greatest mindfulness!

A normal exercise lasts 40 to 50 minutes and requires comfortable clothing. Through words and easy guidance with my hands, I will make you
aware of your movements.